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HDHR-VCR_v1.6 Readme

HDHR-VCR.exe is a recording scheduler for HDHomeRun TV Tuners that runs on Windows. The application provides basic, VCR-like functionality; allowing programs to be recorded at scheduled times using any available tuners on the LAN. Wraps hdhomerun_config.exe for all interaction with the device. Scheduled recordings can added manually or via any Program Guide that can output titantv compatible tvpi files.

Usage Notes

.NET Framework 4.0 or better; get it from Microsoft.
HDHomeRun Install package; from SiliconDust.

Unpack the app to a folder; run it. Your devices should automatically be detected in the 'Tuners' list. If not: open up the settings and check that the path to hdhomerun_config.exe is correct. If your firewall blocks outgoing connections, you'll need to make sure hdhomerun_config.exe is allowed through.

Next you'll want to run a channel scan ("Channel List" button -> "Update Channel list"). After that you can start scheduling recordings by hitting 'New Recording' at the bottom and setting the times and channel. If you associate the program with in the settings; you can also use their websites tv-listings to schedule recordings. (After you've made the association, click a show on, then the record button)

Notes on Recoding Padding: In the application settings there's a textbox field where you can specify the padding to be added to recordings. This is the time, in minutes, that will be recorded before and after the 'official' start and end times. You can specify start and ending padding separately by comma separation Eg: "5,10"; If only one number is entered, it will be used for both. Note that padding is opportunistic, that is, if a tuner is free, it will be used to record padding - but padding is always the lowest priority, and can be overridden by other recordings as needed. Also, the padding is currently a global setting, and can't be set on on a recording by recording basis (that may change in the future). Finally, remember that padding may force the use of two tuners when otherwise only one would be used. Eg: When recording two consecutive shows on the same channel, like 8:00-9:00 and then 9:00-10:00... Normally one tuner would be fine, but since the paddings would overlap, two tuners (if available) will be used to cover the overlap.

Command Line Usage:

HDHR_VCR.exe -addrecording Channel: 112.441 - 4.1 WRC HD`Start Time: 2014-01-13 00.07.00`End Time: 2014-01-13 00.08.00

The full list of parameters that can be set via the command line or in recordings.ini follows:
Status, User Filename, Recurrence Type, High Priority Record, Tuner used, Station, Channel, Actual File Name, Start Time, End Time, Actual Start Time, Actual End Time, Times Started, Times Recurred:, Title, Episode Title, Description


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