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SubCipher_v1.3 Readme

A utility for creating/solving substitution ciphers.

Usage Notes

Requirements: Version 4 or better of the .net framework is recommended. Get it from Microsoft.

Paste in some cipher text, then start replacing the '.'s in the Substitution dictionary with letters to solve it. The 'Mirror Selections' checkbox is helpful for solving.
To create a cipher: paste in plaintext, then select 'Random' in the reset dropdown and hit 'Go'.

'Freq' in the Reset dropdown tries to guess the substitution dictionary by doing a basic frequency analysis of the input text. (Assumes a letter frequency of: ETAOINSHRDLCUMWFGYPBVKJXQZ) It never works. But it does show the sorted letter frequency of the input text. Which can be mildly useful.

The 'QuickSet' lets you assign substitutions without using the mouse. Type A=X, B=Y, etc.. to assign substitutions. The first character always refers to line 1 (the top line) in the Substitution Dictionary.

The keys F6 and F7 will sort the Substitution Dictionary alphabetically using the top and bottom lines respectively. F8 swaps the two lines.


License Information

This software is provided as public domain freeware. The software is provided as is; with no warranty of any kind. The creator takes no responsibility for any adverse effects of the software's use, and will not be held liable for any damages arising from the software's use.


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