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ToDo_v0.1 ReadMe

I needed a quick reminder application and others were either overly complex or too simple. For me, this porridge is just right. Also: I'm a gamer, and I wanted something that could tell me what it wanted without breaking out of the game; hence the text-to-speech capability... The app can read upcoming events to you without any interaction.

Note from the future: This app was developed a long, long time ago, and smartphones now do everything it does, but better. I'm leaving it up for now because I was super excited when I found out how easy text-to-speech was, and it's nice to remember that feeling.

Usage Notes

Requirements: Version 4 or better of the .net framework is recommended. Get it from Microsoft.

No installation; just unpack and run. A settings file and ancillary files may be created in the program folder.

Right click the list for item removal options. Disable both the date and time to add entries due 'anytime'. Disable just the date to add entries due a set time from now.

The command line argument "-startHidden" can be applied to have the app auto-minimise to the tray. This is recommended if you have the app to start up automatically at log-on.

When events come due, the app can play a sound, or read the event to you via text-to-speech. (Useful if you're playing a game, and do not want to ext out to see what event came due.)

In addition to providing pop-up-bubble notifications, the tray icon will change color to reflect event status. Hover over the tray icon to see the next event. Single click the tray icon for a more infoformation about expired and upcoming events. Double click the tray icon to show the main window.



todo.exe (the software) is provided as public domain freeware. There is no warranty associated with the software. The creator takes no responsibility for any adverse effects of the software's use, and will not be held liable for any damages arising from the software's use.


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