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drivePowerState.exe was created to monitor how much time hard disk drives spend powered, and how often they are cycled. (By default, windows will power down drives after a period of inactivity). The utility is also useful for correlating information about the computer's hard drives: it displays the disk number, drive serial numbers, volume IDs, and mount points for each drive detected.

Usage Notes

Requirements: Version 4 or better of the .net framework is recommended. Get it from Microsoft.

No installation; just unpack and run. A settings file and ancillary files may be created in the program folder.

Run the program, drives should be detected automatically. If you wish to create log files, open the settings dialog and check those buttons. Disk information can be copied out of the list via the context menu, or by pressing ctrl+c.

Drives that are added or removed from the system should automatically be added or dropped from the list, but this won't happen until the program polls the drives again (by default at one minute intervals). The Refresh/Reset button can be used to zero out all information collected and re-detect hard drives on demand.

The program must be left running to collect data, it can be hidden in the notification tray.

Note: The program uses some low-level interfaces to query the state of the hard drives, so it needs to ask for administrator privileges when it runs.


Known Issues

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