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linkMaker.exe provides a better interface to create shortcuts, symbolic links¹ and ntfs hardlinks/junction points². The app is intended to replace the antiquated 'Create Shortcut' wizard with something better; it makes all options available on one screen, and tries to auto-fill as much info as it can. Shell integration is provided for the 'new file' menu and the right-click drag menu.

¹Symbolic Links are similar to shortcuts, but are more transparent (most apps can't tell the difference between a symlink and the target file). I don't think Microsoft has ever provided a GUI to create them, but they're quite useful for redirecting files.

²Junction points and HardLinks are specific to ntfs filesystem, and can be somewhat fiddly. It's recommend to stick to shortcuts and symbolic links uness you understand how they work.

Usage Notes

Requirements: Version 4 or better of the .net framework is recommended. Get it from Microsoft.

No installation; just unpack and run. A settings file and ancillary files may be created in the program folder.

You'll probably want to enable the shell integration menus... if so: Run the app, then hit the settings button and check those boxes. After that you can use the app or the shell menu's to create links. Remember you can drag files and folders to fill-in the target, and the link name will auto-fill based on that.

When picking folders as a link target: The folder picker windows provides is an abomination, so we use the file picker to choose both files and folders. To pick a folder, navigate to the inside of the folder you want, then hit 'Open' with "{Press Open now to select the parent folder}" in the file name box.

Note on Security and Elevation: Microsoft, in their Sublime Wisdom, decided the creation of symbolic links should be subject to special restrictions. The situation is set to ease somewhat in Windows 10 Redstone 2, but we ain't there yet and I want to support other versions anyway... So the app has to ask for elevation to get admin privileges; sorry bout the UAC prompts, blame microsoft. If it gets too irritating you can turn off elevation in the settings... If the app cannot elevate, you won't be able to make symlinks or apply the shell integration settings; but everything else should work.

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