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Every few months I find myself going though my downloads/documents folders to organized the files I've accumulated. Generally this means moving the files to one of a dozen or so archival folders, or else deleting them.

Doing this in explorer is time consuming. Plus it's irritating to have to wait on windows for a few seconds whenever I do a move, cause explorer fiddles with the file list in real time.

This program simplifies things by letting you move, copy, or delete files with single keystrokes. It works by setting up lists of common actions/destinations and letting the user assign each one a hotkey; file-system actions can then be queued up for batch execution.

Usage Notes

Version 4 or better of the .net framework is recommended. Get it from Microsoft.

No installation; just unpack and run. A settings file and ancillary files may be created in the program folder.


  1. First create a list of common destinations: Select 'New' in the Destination List Dropdown, then hit the show button to see the destination list controls. You can then name the list and add destinations. (Hint: You can drag folders from explorer to the destination list to add them)
  2. Next enter or browse to the directory you want to organize; Then press enter or click the 'Scan' button.
  3. The file list will now be populated; Use the hotkeys you've created to assign destinations to files. You can also assign destinations by dragging files to a destination entry, or using the file list context menu (right-click).
  4. Finally, hit 'Execute' to run the actions you've set up. The actions will run in no particular order; And you can still use the program while it's running actions - but be careful while doing so, as assigned actions may be immediately executed.

Preassigned hotkeys;
These hotkeys can be overridden by your destination list; but then these actions will only be available via the right-click context menu:

Key Sequences are an alternative to hotkeys; Useful if you need more descriptive shortcuts, or you run out of easy-to-hit hotkeys. Key sequences are a just a string of characters (think words or abbreviations) that will trigger the assignment of the action when typed in order. A sequence consists only of letters and numbers, and is terminated by the space key (hitting space initiates the sequence check). The sequence typed so far will appear in the bottom left, this text will turn green if the sequence is recognized. Hitting any other hotkey will clear the sequence. (so generally, you should use either hotkeys or sequences, but not both)

Note: The directory textBox, in additon to specifying plain directories, can have wildcard '*' or any-character '?' filters. eg:


Command Line Usage:


Known Issues

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