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notes.exe is better, or at least a more pragmatic, sticky notes utility. Includes basic organizational and text editor functionality.

How is this different than a folder full of text files?
Not by much, actually: Filenames are implicit, generated from the first line of the text. File Saving/Backup is automatic. The filtering features are nicer. And finally: Hotkeys are available to bring up the manager or a new note.

Usage Notes

Requirements: Version 4 or better of the .net framework is recommended. Get it from Microsoft.

No installation; just unpack and run. A settings file and ancillary files may be created in the program folder.

A new note can be created by pressing the 'New Note' button, or by using the New Note hotkey. (Configure that in the settings dialogue) The editor window will open when a new note is created. The first line of text in the editor is used as the note's 'name' and can be searched from the manager. The up/down arrow icon on the bottom right-ish of the editor window can toggle on the 'always on top' option traditional sticky notes have.

After adding text, the note editor can be dismissed by using the standard close button, or pressing escape. The note content is automatically saved when you do this. The newly created note will now appear in the manager. Click the column headers to sort the list of notes; or enter some filter text to search the list.

To delete a note: click the delete link in the editor, the right click menu in the manager, or press delete in the manager. Note: If an empty note (nothing in the textbox) is closed/dismissed, the file will automatically be deleted as well.

If you have grep installed, the 'Grep' button will run the filter text as an extended regular expression on the contents of each note. You can get a grep.exe for windows from unixutils. Just put grep.exe in a %PATH% folder, like system32; or just in the same folder as notes.exe.

Sync: It's easy to use an external tool, like BitTorrent Sync or Dropbox, to synchronized notes between computers. Just share/link the 'savedNotes' folder that is created in the program folder on each computer. The notes manager will automatically update when any changes are made to this folder; so unless you edit the same note at the same time on two computers, everything should work fine.

Note Manager Keyboard Shortcuts:

Note Editor Keyboard Shortcuts:

Command Line Usage:


License Information

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The author of this software imposes no additional license terms or limits upon its use or redistribution.


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