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The 'new' context menu in explorer tends to get cluttered with entries that never get used. The old way to manage it was with Microsoft's Tweak UI application; but that's difficult to install on versions of windows newer than xp. So I made this app as an easy way to disable/enable entries. It disables shellnew entries in the same manner as Tweak UI, so the applications are compatible.

This util doesn't have a way to create new entries, but that's not difficult to do manually. See this excellent Reference on how shellNew entries work to find out how.

Usage Notes

Version 4 or better of the .net framework is recommended. Get it from Microsoft.

To Use: Run the app. Uncheck entries you don't want in your new menu. Close the app.



shellNewSettings.exe (the software) is provided as public domain freeware. There is no warranty associated with the software. The creator takes no responsibility for any adverse effects of the software's use, and will not be held liable for any damages arising from the software's use.


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