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This application is a Windows front-end (GUI) for the amazing youtube-dl.
Youtube-dl is a command line tool that lets you download videos from many sites. This front-end adds organization, multiple simultaneous downloads, and download priorities.

Usage Notes

Version 4 or better of the .net framework is recommended. Get it from Microsoft.

Make sure you have the .exe version of youtube-dl, this program is just a wrapper for that tool. It may also need ffmpeg/avconv/ffprobe for certain features. The user is assumed to have used it before.

No installation; just unpack and run. A settings file and ancillary files may be created in the program folder.


First go into settings (button at the bottom left) to configure the tool: Make sure the path to youtube-dl.exe is correct. (Do note that, once it's there, you can also update youtube-dl.exe from this settings window.) Also set up any other arguments you want sent to youtube-dl. Mine look like this:

-i --write-description -o "%(extractor)s\%(uploader)s.%(upload_date)s.%(title)s-%(id)s.%(ext)s"

Those args will download a description and put downloaded items into semi-organized folders. Click the help link in the settings window to see how to use args.

Then start adding videos! Once you hit ''Add URL(s)' downloading will start automatically. To add videos in the 'paused' state, set the default priority to 0 before hitting the 'Add URL(s)' button.

Adding items:

  1. Paste video page URLs in the textbox in the bottom half of the program; or enable 'capture links from clipboard' for quick collection.
  2. Optionally set the priority of added items in the box below the 'Add URL(s)' button. Higher priority downloads will be started first. (Downloads that have already been started are never paused automatically, even if higher priority items are added later)
  3. Then click 'Add URL(s)' or hit ctrl+d on the keyboard to add them to the download list. Downloading will start automatically.

The download list can be manipulated via a right click menu; there are also some keyboard commands:

Notes about the list columns:

Final note: The windows start menu / desktop shortcuts can be used to provide hotkey functionality. If you want that: go into settings and check the 'Add Shortcut to Start Menu' box, then click the edit link. You can add a hotkey there (under 'shortcut key').

Command Line Usage:


Known Issues

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